After Stan Farmer, CFP®, J.D., and Syl Michelin, CFA®, joined Walkner Condon Financial Advisors in Sept. 2020, they teamed up with Keith Poniewaz, Ph.D., to regularly contribute to Walkner Condon’s original podcast, Gimme Some Truth, with U.S. expat-themed topics. Those conversations led to brainstorming and then research. We realized there wasn’t a podcast for U.S. expats – at least that we could find – dedicated to the myriad financial and investing complications involved with being an American abroad. So instead of having Stan, Syl, and Keith featured on Gimme Some Truth, we decided it was time for the trio to have their own show, a podcast for U.S. expats. Gimme Some Truth for Expats was born. 

For many Americans, living abroad is the dream. But the reality of being a U.S. expat, particularly when it comes to finances and attempting to invest from outside of the United States, can quickly turn into a nightmare with the complexities involved. With first-hand expat experience and their professional background in working with U.S. expats, financial advisors Keith, Stan, and Syl cover an assortment of key topics U.S. expats and Americans abroad should know about investing and finances, whether they’re already abroad or planning a move.

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