Our Process

Our Difference Is Our Process

At Walkner Condon Financial Advisors, our difference is our process. We call  this process GAPP:  We identify your GOALS, ANALYZE your current situation, set up a PLAN, and PERSONALIZE it to your unique situation. Because international investing involves complexities beyond domestic investments, we help you along the journey wherever you may be domiciled.  However, our knowledge of the situation of American expats mean that we understand the your current situation and your future situation can be very different– down to the money you’ll spend in retirement.  Consequently, we construct both shorter and longer term plans, while maintaining the flexibility and the technological quality to change your plan as your life does.  

Our Tools

Financial Planning

MoneyGuidePro has been one of the top ranked financial planning software for over ten years and is noted for its flexibility in adapting to clients’ goals and needs.  In addition to comprehensive portfolio modeling, Monte Carlo analysis, and net worth calculations, MoneyGuide offers sophisticated social security (given your overall plan, what is the best withdrawal strategy), Roth conversion (given your position, when would it make sense), and estate planning analyses.  Moreover, plans are available whenever you are, allowing clients to propose alternate scenarios and analyze the resulting changes.

Risk Management

Riskalyze helps identify how much a risk a client is taking in their overall portfolio. Using their proprietary Risk Number®, after completion of the questionnaire we can identify what the target risk is and how we make changes to fit the number if needed. On an ongoing basis, we can check in to see whether or not your perception of risk has changed and develop an asset allocation strategy to balance the risk versus expected return. Through the use of stress tests with Riskalyze, we can see how portfolios might perform over certain market cycles and events.

Portfolio Management

Our clients have assets at many different institutions, and to help us track and monitor your performance, we need software that assists us in aggregating data. Advyzon helps organize your financial life by helping our clients track their overall portfolio holdings, transactions, and performance.

Clients can use Advyzon to accumulate all of their information including exterior bank accounts, mortgages or 401(k)s; in this way, clients can maintain a full picture of their financial situation. Through their online portal and mobile app, Advyzon offers robust reporting features. That allows our team to create any number of unique glimpses of your financial picture.

Let us help you reach your goals.