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As Medicare has several parts that only cover individuals in the United States, prospective retirees should consider and evaluate their options for Medicare. This is Read More
Schwab, EFS and European Union
This week, Charles Schwab announced that it will no longer be selling Exchange Traded Funds or Exchange Traded Notes to clients who are resident in Read More
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Information regarding PRIIPs and KIDs in the European Union means that ETFs-- the most popular investment tool in the United States--will likely no longer be Read More
portfolio construction for americans abroad
Expats may face some unique challenges in managing their investments. Here is our expat investment guide discussing portfolio construction for Americans abroad. Read More
yield sign upside down
Clint, Nate & Keith talk about the phenomenon of an inverted yield curve: what does it mean, should we worry, and what can we interpret Read More
social security benefits
There are three important financial planning considerations for Americans retiring abroad that can make a huge difference towards retirement. We look at these three important Read More
ss and permanent resident cards
Social Security looms large in the American imagination-- at the individual level it is an important component of many retiree’s income and understanding it is Read More
social security cards
An American who works or will be working abroad should pay special attention to several key changes in their social security. Whether s/he continues to Read More
crown with american and UK flag patterns
This week’s blog post has to do with Meghan Markle, but rather how she exemplifies the complications facing Americans who marry non-Americans. In a series Read More
Brexit image
Currently, the situation around Brexit is confusing and unclear. If nothing changes, the United Kingdom will suddenly and fully no longer be part of the Read More
taxable investing
Clint Walkner and Keith Poniewaz discuss investing in taxable accounts. They explore the history of investing, which started with the purchase of individual stocks by Read More
ETF investing Cover Photo
The world of ETF investing became complicated as of January 1st, 2018, when a new regulatory behemoth started affecting the dealings of European-based U.S. investors: Read More


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