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We help serve clients that have a variety of international investment and financial planning needs. These clients tend to have the following attributes:

Colorful medieval town Menton on Riviera, Mediterranean Sea, France

Americans Retiring Abroad

Our team is experienced working with Americans in the United States and abroad, we are uniquely equipped to help those Americans who are seeking new challenges, moving closer to family or pursuing their passion by retiring abroad.  We can help position you for a successful retirement abroad before you go by structuring a portfolio that is effective in both U.S. and your new country.  Then we can help you manage practical money matters and your investments while you're there to ensure that you have the freedom to live the lifestyle you choose.  To read our research and blogs on these topics, click here.

Panoramic view of Gran Via, Madrid, Spain.

Americans Living Abroad

Americans who have lived abroad in recent years are familiar with a wide variety of issues and acronyms that have affected their ability to open and keep accounts open.  The international team at Walkner Condon Financial Advisors not only understands FATCA, FinCen 114 and many other acronyms, but can analyze your financial plan and design a tax-effective and compliant portfolio to help you achieve your goals no matter where in the world you live. 

Panoramic view of Madison, WI, United States.

International Clients Moving Back to the United States

The financial transition from abroad comes with all sorts of complications and new opportunities.  Because of our expertise in cross-border planning and U.S. based financial planning, we have top level tools to help manage all aspects of this transition from planning for a house purchase, to retirement planning, college planning, and managing the decisions around foreign private and public pensions.  Moreover, we can help with estate planning and other tax issues that could be the legacy of your foreign life.  For further research, blogs, videos, and podcasts click here.