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Our Tools Header

Walkner Condon seeks to empower our clients with access to wealth management tools that are also easy to use. We are constantly looking to improve the client experience through technology. Below are a few of the client-facing tools you may see in our meetings.

Risk Management Header Image

Riskalyze Logo

Riskalyze helps identify how much a risk a client is taking in their overall portfolio. Using their proprietary Risk Number®, after completion of the questionnaire we can identify what the target risk is and how we make changes to fit the number if needed. On an ongoing basis, we can check in to see whether or not your perception of risk has changed and develop an asset allocation strategy to balance the risk versus expected return. Through the use of stress tests with Riskalyze, we can see how portfolios might perform over certain market cycles and events.

Portfolio Management Header Image

Blueleaf Logo

Our clients have assets at many different institutions, and to help us track and monitor your performance, we need software that assists us in aggregating data. Blueleaf helps organize your financial life by helping our clients track their overall portfolio holdings, transactions, and performance. 

Clients can use Blueleaf to accumulate all of their information including exterior bank accounts, mortgages or 401(k)s; in this way, clients can maintain a full picture of their financial situation.

Each week Blueleaf also sends our clients a notification showing the change in value in their portfolio, which is an important touchpoint to stay on top of how current markets are impacting their portfolio. Blueleaf also helps send data to our financial planning and risk management systems so we can keep track of everything in near real time.

Financial Planning Header Image

MoneyGuidePro Logo

MoneyGuidePro has been one of the top ranked financial planning software for over ten years and is noted for its flexibility in adapting to clients’ goals and needs.  In addition to comprehensive portfolio modeling, Monte Carlo analysis, and net worth calculations, MoneyGuide offers sophisticated social security (given your overall plan, what is the best withdrawal strategy), Roth conversion (given your position, when would it make sense), and estate planning analyses.  Moreover, plans are available whenever you are, allowing clients to propose alternate scenarios and analyze the resulting changes.

RightCapital Logo

RightCapital offers the ability to use either goal planning or modified cash flow analysis. Financial planning is at the heart of every decision we make with our clients. RightCapital offers the ability to do "on the fly" projections in client meetings, and we can share access where you can run scenarios and see reports in the comfort of your home at any time. They also offer the first native financial planning application on the market at this time that you may download through the Apple's App Store or Google Play.